Valentine's Weekend Events 2020

We are back! And we have something very special planned for Valentine's day this year. 

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Finished: Greatest Hits

We hosted our Last Supper club for the year, on 23rd November where we  served our post popular dishes of the year. 

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Finished: October Events

Thambi's had two special events in October. We had a full house with dinner on Friday, 26th and a fabulous boozy breakfast on Sunday 28th October, where we debuted our cocktails.

Check out our Instagram feed for photos of the event!

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Since 1993

Welcome to Thambi's

We are passionate about food. During our foodie adventures across London, we noticed that while North Indian food was gaining mainstream attention, South Indian food was being largely ignored. We also realized that there is a massive gap in London's comprehension of Indian food. India has 29 states, each with its own language, art, culture, traditions and food.

We want Thambi's to be the vehicle via which to discover modern South Indian flavours. While we will strive to maintain authentic flavours, we will experiment with form factors to make the food approachable to the adventurous London foodie community!



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